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Most contractors provide bids that typically grow in cost by greater than 50% and take twice as long as estimated. This is because of poor project management skills and almost no intent to meet their so-called fixed price estimates. This practice has become commonplace with renovations and additions. These contractors build in huge margins to cover unexpected costs due to unexpected circumstances throughout construction. It is a gamble that always adversely impacts the homeowner. If the contractor does not run into issues, they are paid out on their huge margins and the customer loses. If the contractor does run into issues, the modifications eat into their margins and typically they lose focus on the project since it becomes less of a moneymaker. Service is impacted adversely and often they will still try to negotiate a price increase since their original ‘fixed price’ bid will be so vague.

Why take that risk? Engage WayneWright and enter into a win-win situation in which the contractor works for the client on a construction management basis. This is a new trend that is working out extremely positively for both contractor and homeowner. WayneWright provides a detailed cost and time estimate for work, manages the construction project for a cost plus fee price, and is completely transparent with their actual costs and their profit.



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